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The iaidq Blog Carnival


Each month the IAIDQ (International Association for Information and Data Quality) asks the data quality blogging community to submit their blog posts for the El Festival del IDQ Bloggers.  A different blogger volunteers (or you might be asked like me!)  to host the blog posts along with a brief summary of the submissions on their own blog.  I am very proud to be asked to host the latest event. 


First up is Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen, a Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Architecture professional who lives in Copenhagen. Henrik is always one of the first (could it have to do with his location do you think 😉 )  to start the #FF’s on twitter and is a great commenter on the blogs of others. One of the things I noticed about Henrik (besides his gentle sense of humor) is that he is always very interested in learning about how things work (differently) in countries around the world. Henrik shares this interest by pointing out the differences in his blogs and comments and he also takes the time to identify the countries of origin when he tweets his #FF’s. I think it’s pretty cool too so thanks Henrik! 

Be sure to read Henrik’s submission called “What are they doing?” , a comment provoking post on the subject of  “assigning values for your customers/prospects industry vertical (or Line-of-Business or market segment or whatever metadata name you like)”.  Don’t forget to have a look at the rest of Henrik’s excellent posts and of course you need to follow @hlsdk on twitter! 


Next is Steve Sarsfield, Data Quality/Data Governance evangelist and author of the highly rated book The Data Governance Imperative . Steve is a popular tweeter, public and webinar speaker, white paper author and youtuber (What? podcasts Steve?.. :P) on the topic of data quality and data governance and has a sizable following due to his experience, insight and passion for all things Governance. Steve submitted an excellent post called Change management and Data Governance on the topic of  the parallels between change management and data governance. Be sure to read Steve’s post and the rest of his blog  Data Governance and The Data Quality Insider and don’t forget to follow @stevesarsfield on twitter. 


Next on the list is one of my new twitter friends Ken O’Connor. Ken is an independent Data Consultant located in Ireland, who specialises in helping organisations satisfy the Data Quality / Data Governance requirements of compliance programmes such as Solvency II, BASEL II, Anti Money Laundering, Anti Fraud, Anti Terrorist Financing, and Single Customer View – classic Master Data Management challenges. Ken submitted his blog post on the “Ryanair Data Entry Model“, a recommended model of data entry used by most low-cost airlines, where customers take care to ensure that each piece of information they enter is correct – because it matters to them! Be sure to check out the rest of  Ken’s Blog: Ken O’Connor Data Consultant, and follow him on Twitter here: @KenOConnorData  



It wouldn’t be a DQ blog carnival without including a post from Daragh O Brien, former IAIDQ publicity director, founder member of the IAIDQ, and  leader of the IAIDQ’s community in Ireland. Author, blogger, and an independent consultant with Castlebridge Associates, Daragh has been an active member of the International information/data quality community since 2004. Daragh is hugely supportive of sharing expertise, and is (obviously ;)) great at encouraging bloggers such as myself to take on a participatory role in the DQ community. Check out Daragh’s great submission: The Who, What, How and Why,  which describes the simple need for organisations to be able to answer the what/why/how and who questions about the information that fuels their business. Check out the rest of Daragh’s The DO Blog and be sure and follow @daraghobrien and @IAIDQ on twitter. 


Initiate, an IBM Company, submitted a couple of blog posts from their Initiate Mastering Data Management corporate blog. 

Larry Dubov,  internationally recognized expert in MDM and CDI and an author of over eighty publications wrote a three part series on data quality metrics: Measuring MDM and Data Governance Success, Defining Data Quality Metrics: Uniqueness, Completeness, Latency & Consistency and More Data Quality Metrics: Standardization, Availability, Adoption and Reference Data.  Dr. Larry Dubov is Senior Director and Partner of Business Management Consulting at Initiate, an IBM Company. You can check out Larry’s complete profile on LinkedIn:

Ian Stahl’s The Business Data Steward: A “Kaizen” Approach to MDM hits on a lot of topic areas around the empowerment and investment of business stakeholders around data management and Ian received some great comments.  Ian is the Director of Product Management for Enterprise Solutions at Initiate, and in that capacity oversees Initiate’s offerings in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality and other segments of the Master Data Management market. Access Ian’s LinkedIn profile: 

I couldn’t find twitter accounts for either Larry or Ian so let me know if I’ve erred. But never fear, you CAN get all the scoop on these stories and more (including a great sense of humor and some biting insight) by following one of my favorite tweeps, @Initiate.   


The last post is by the infamous Jim Harris, Obsessive Compulsive Data Quality thought leader, blogger, tweeter, philosopher, vicarious reader, lover and quoter of sci-fi, Pixar movies and just about every good line from Battlestar Galactica! Jim, who resides in Iowa,  has over 15 years of professional services and application development experience in data quality (DQ), data integration, data warehousing (DW), business intelligence (BI), customer data integration (CDI), and master data management (MDM). Jim is also an independent consultant, speaker, vlogger and writer, and although I have never met Jim personally, I think of Jim as one of my very best virtual friends :). Jim submitted 6 posts (out of the 21 he wrote in August) and I urge you to read them all, as they provide value and insight into the perceptions, challenges, recommendations, best practices and (of course) philosophy of all things Data Quality related.   

Get Zippy with Selling the business benefits of Data Quality 

What came first, the Data Quality Tool or the Business Need?   

The Road of Collaboration   

The Real Data Value is Business Insight 

The popular (and one of my fav’s) Some is not a number and Soon is not a time   

And The Fifth Law of Data Quality, Jim’s DataFlux Community of Expert’s Post. 

Check out the rest of Jim’s OCDQ Blog and be sure to follow Jim as @ocdqblog on Twitter! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted their blogs, a truly amazing selection of great stories and information! And for the rest of you, don’t be shy! Anyone can submit a data quality blog post and experience the benefits of extra traffic, networking with other bloggers and discovering interesting posts and new ways to tackle data quality issues.