Some stuff we did in 2013.

We’re making major progress! Not to say we don’t still have a gazillion things we want to do but our Data Governance community is awesome and delivered a lot of value to our organization this year. Which is why I’ve been so absent on this blog. It’s been verrry busy!!! Anyway I thought I would share what we did with you.

Issue resolution:

  • 59 root cause Issues logged, prioritized and ownership established
  • 12 root cause issues resolved. (coming soon I hope to be able to share the benefits we are measuring)
  • The resolution of 6729 priority Data Quality issues – I know right?
  • 10 business problems solved at our Steward Drop In Clinic

Next up: expanding our Issue tracker from tracking issues for the Company domain to include multiple data domains.

Change management:

  • 3 Community barometers undertaken with all resulting recommendations completed
  • Training to over 450 stakeholders
  • 10 Data Champions Recognized under a new recognition program
  • Successful transitions of 6 stewards and 1 owner and the addition of 3 new business stewards

Next up: continuing with the barometer, on-going training and communications.

Enterprise Alignment:

  • 1 new Enterprise process for handling Company mergers
  • 2 new Enterprise data Standards (for Company Name and Company Headquarter Address)
  • Process and responsibilities for managing changes or inputs to all enterprise metadata.

Next up: Enterprise business needs for record retention, Company hierarchy and Company life cycle definition.

Governance Organization Framework:

  • Provided support to Company and Market Information domains.
  • 8 Best practices, templates and tools for re-use
  • 2 new processes established for Business Steward and Data Owner transitions
  • 9 Standard Operating Procedures developed for: Business Stewards, Data Owners, Business leads, the DG Office, IT Stewards, Data Stewards, Steward Leaders, Business users and Sponsors.
  • A brand new Data Steward (and Back up) Role.
  • Development and roll out of a Roles and Responsibilities framework for projects, the DG Office and Data Management support.

Next up: expand the roles and responsibilities framework to include other Information Management stakeholders within the organization and establish standard on-boarding training for stewards and data owners.

2014 should be lots of fun 🙂

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