Informal Data Governance?

Can data governance be informal? Is there such a thing? Doesn’t formalization make up a key (and critical) component of Governance? As in; formal roles and responsibilities, formal processes including escalation, formal decision bodies, formal communications, templates, etc etc..
Isn’t informal data governance not data governance at all, but a hugely expensive and time-consuming (and mind-numbing…don’t forget to add mind-numbing…) approach to getting people to buy in?
Just sayin….
What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Informal Data Governance?

  1. Marty Moseley

    Hey – I agree!
    Too many folks try to approach DG as a low-key, informal activity. While you can certainly do a few meaningful things in this way, ultimately DG is about changing corporate DNA and setting policies that can potentially really shake things up!
    It’s hard to do that and be “informal.”
    If DG is going to solve tough issues, there has to be some degree of formality applied – you have to have leadership, tie-breakers, owners, worker-bees and you’ll definitely have strong opinions and meet resistance along the way. It’s almost impossible to move the dial to any significant degree and maintain an informal posture.
    My opinion…
    just sayin…
    Thanks, Jill!!!
    M :o)

    1. sheezaredhead Post author

      Thanks so much for your comments Marty, I was (really really) hoping you’d have something to say on this topic! 🙂
      I especially like your comment around the need for “tie-breakers, owners, and worker-bees”. Without the collective importance the formalization brings, these owners, worker-bees and even the tie-breakers are busy working on their other 50 priorities. Why fix the problem now when I can leave it for someone else to clean up…..


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