All I want for Christmas is..

Dear Santa:

I hope you are well. I have been very good this year (don’t listen to the rumours) and would appreciate the following for Christmas:
1. A business sponsor – so when I find a problem that requires a business decision or communication I don’t waste 3 weeks (and I don’t come cheap!) trying to find someone who cares.
2. Data Stewards – who are measured on how they manage the data they are accountable for.
3. Integration of our Data Management Software – so we can match and enhance at the source of data input rather than performing it after the fact.
4. IT best practices – where every IT project includes data profiling.
5. Complete Business Requirements – these would include:
• The identification of the Stewards for the related data and processes
• Data Definitions
• Business Rules
• Governance processes
• Stakeholders
• Business Purpose of data
• Quality requirements for data
• Training requirements related to quality of data
6. Comprehensive Benefits Realization – where costs associated to managing data re-actively are identified
7. Corporate Training for new employees that includes Data Quality best practices
8. Accountability for those who know better yet still create bad data
9. Employee Performance Measures that include at least one objective related to quality of data
10. Effectively communicated and measured corporate policies and procedures related to quality of data

I know I’m asking for a lot, but if you could do this for me I promise it will improve the satisfaction of our customers, reduce our operating costs and make me one seriously happy camper.

Thanks very much,

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